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What you have to look forward to!

Reflect, Review, Reframe, Reward

In this six-day retreat in the beautiful tranquility of Jordan, I will be taking you through The principles of The Worthy Life Plan to gain clarity about the personal & professional life you deserve. By elevating your self worth, by the end of the retreat you will have tools to redefine happiness on your own terms.

Are You Experiencing...?

About Your Facilitators - Hailey Spring & Mavrick Barton-Ellis

The Secret Ingredients...

Discover our program

Mavrick Barton-Ellis

Personal trainer and herbalist, will guide you through holistic fitness routines and nutritional wellness sessions, enhancing physical health and natural vitality.

He will be hosting...

Yoga and relaxation exercises

   Guided walks + Nutrition workshops

       Mind-body connection practices

Stretching sessions + Core strengthening

Optional: Fitness goal setting and tracking

 Personalised workout plans + Coaching

Hailey Spring

Psychotherapist & Mental Health Mentor, will lead transformative sessions at the wellness retreat, focusing on mental clarity, emotional healing, and personal growth through guided therapy and mindfulness practices.

She will be hosting....

Guided mindfulness sessions

Group Support circles + Vision Boarding

Journaling sessions + Breathwork  Relaxation class +. Wellness workshops

Self-care and self-compassion workshops

Emotional resilience building exercises

Whats included
Retreat in Jordan, Wadi rum

"In a world that defines us...self - reflection helps us to redefine ourselves"

-- Hailey Spring

At this retreat, you will learn how to...

Discover the The Worthy Life program


Two Nights - Wadi Rum - Star Camp & With Thor 

Two Nights - Petra - Wassaif Camp 

Two Nights - Dead Sea - IHG Hotel, Dead Sea 

In this retreat you will:

  • Disconnect from everyday stresses, recharge and rejuvenate in a serene environment

  • Improve your emotional resilience and stability, finding inner balance through a mix of yoga, relaxation, inner work & adventure

  • Strengthen your body-mind connection through cultural exploration and relaxation

  • Learn effective self-care techniques & tools for healthier lifestyle habits

  • Increase flexibility and mobility

  • Build lasting connections and support networks in mental & physical health

  • Receive expert guidance and support from passionate professionals

  • Embrace a renewed sense of purpose and motivation through The Worthy Life Path Strategies

  • Experience a transformative journey of self-discovery

Inclusive Packages

From £695


All inclusive package includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • Buffet breakfast

  • Lunch Baskets - Optional Fasting options

  • Daily morning yoga

  • Daily therapeutic activities 

  • Transportation during the retreat


  • Hike in Wadi Rum dessert

  • Star gazing & night fire in Wadi Rum

  • Hike in Petra Dessert

  • Historical Walk through little Petra

  • Hotel stay with gym & spa facilities (2 days)

  • Wellness sessions in the Dead Sea

  • Catamaran Tour

  • Vision Boarding

  • Visit to Traditional to Petra Markets

  • Sharing circles 

  • Group Journalling sessions

* The 6-Day Weekend retreat program includes a selection of these activities.

Not included

  • Flights (approximately £250)

  • Jordan Pass (approximately £75) here

Therapeutic Packages

From £1199


Everything within the inclusive package plus

Prior to Retreat

  • Clarity & Intention setting session

  • One Hour therapy session with Hailey 

  • Fitness & Nutrition session with Mavrick

Within Retreat - Daily 15 minute reflections 

Continued Support - Post Retreat

  • Six week Personalised Fitness plan

  • Six Week personalised Nutrition plan

  • Weekly Accountability sessions 

  • One Month access to The Worthy Life Plan - Online course

  • Two Months membership to BELife & Withself community

The 6-Day Weekend retreat program includes a selection of these activities.

Not included

  • Flights (approximately £250)

  • Jordan Pass (approximately £75) here


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"You're Worthy of Wellness"

Embarking on a journey of self-reflection & discovery can feel deeply personal. If you find yourself with lingering questions or uncertainties about the event, do book a call & we'll discuss further to see if this is the right fit for you!

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