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Are you constantly putting others' needs before your own? Do you find yourself always jumping in to help, even when it's not really your responsibility? We've got just the thing for you! Introducing our Journal prompts for the rescuer!

This handy sheet of journal prompts has been specifically designed to help you gain insight into your rescuing behavior. Whether you're a self-proclaimed people-pleaser or someone who simply can't resist lending a helping hand, these prompts will guide you on a journey of self-discovery.

Our journal prompts are all about mental health support, my friend. Take some well-deserved time for yourself and dive into these thought-provoking questions. Explore your motivations, reflect on your boundaries, and really get to the bottom of why you feel the need to rescue others. This isn't about judgment—it's about understanding yourself better.

Grab your favorite journal or a fresh notebook, find a quiet spot, and let the prompts lead you on a path of self-awareness. We've carefully crafted each question to help you dig deep and uncover those insights that might have been hiding beneath the surface.

Journal prompts for The Rescuer

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