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This handy sheet of journal prompts is specifically created to assist individuals who are dealing with anxiety.

We understand that anxiety can be overwhelming and sometimes it's difficult to put our thoughts into words. That's where our journal prompts come in. They serve as a guiding tool, helping you explore your thoughts and emotions in a safe and private space.

With our casual and approachable tone, we want you to feel comfortable using our journal prompts. We've carefully curated a range of questions and statements that encourage self-reflection and promote a deeper understanding of your anxiety. Each prompt is designed to spark thoughts and provide a starting point for meaningful journal entries.

Whether you're experiencing daily stress, panic attacks, or even just those nagging worries that won't go away, our journal prompts for anxiety are here to support you. By writing down your thoughts and feelings, you can gain valuable insights about your triggers and patterns, ultimately helping you manage and overcome your anxiety.

Journal prompts for Anxiety

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