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Life's Love Language Workshop

Personal Empowerment for Professionals

Join me for a Transformative Journey


Saturday 4th May 2024

11am - 4pm

London, UK

In this one-day, in-person workshop, I will show you how embracing self-love can be the key to gaining clarity in your professional life. Elevate your career, amplify your confidence, and redefine success on your own terms.

Share your experience with me...

Are You Experiencing...?

If the answer is yes....

Then I would love for you to join me at

Life's Love Language Workshop : Personal Empowerment for Professionals

to cultivate a healthier connection to self-love, boost self-confidence, and embrace a future where your professional goals are hit with clarity and conviction."

In this workshop, you will learn how to...


"In a world that defines us, self - reflection helps us redefine ourselves"

-- Hailey Spring

You will also...


What her clients say

What is the Value?

We're on a mission to make personal empowerment accessible to all professionals. The full value of the course & strategy shared via my online program is £395. Life's Love Language Workshop in person training is ticketed at just £55This ticket not only reflects your commitment to personal growth and ensures that spaces are reserved for those truly dedicated to the transformative experience we offer. It also covers the building hire, lunch on the day & the priceless opportunity to connect with like minded people.


Why is it Reduced?

For absolute openness, Life's Love Language Workshop is offered at a discount because we recognise that after attending, you might want some additional support or training to fully integrate the lessons taught further in depth. Should you opt in for additional assistance, we would be excited to welcome you into our continuously expanding community of success stories (as highlighted below).


This approach aligns with our commitment to providing ongoing value and support for your journey toward personal empowerment and professional success.


What her clients say

Do you Struggle with....

About Your Mentor - Hailey Spring
Hailey Spring - Black Female Therapist.jpg

15% Off All Items

I'll introduce myself...

I'm Hailey Spring, founder of Withself Mastery & creator of Life's Love Language Workshop.

I'm so excited about the opportunity to connect & share with you today!

One of my greatest passions is helping people realise the greatness within them. I am of the belief that our interconnectedness as a whole initiates a ripple effect of joy and satisfaction. The source of which is lying within you!


After becoming a mother of twins at 21, my job as a full time cabin crew member no longer felt fulfilling. The pay & the travel no longer felt worth the time away from my children & the expense of childcare fees felt criminal. I became exhausted, stressed, lost & financially strained. I hit burnout!

It was only after being denied part-time, that I saw that I was trading my time & health for a company that couldn't support me, see me & value mine & my daughters' quality of life. 

I used my skills & interest in photography to create my own company focused on portraits & events. Within a  short space of time, my wider vision actualised when I opened my photography studio & trainee programme which allowed us to expand into nurseries, schools & corporate events. 

And because of the great memories we were able to capture & create, the business won multiple awards. 

Having the pleasure of being a part of the pinnacle moments in hundreds of people's lives, I decided to to take my care for people to a deeper level. 

Today I specialise in helping professionals, heal from their painful pasts, recognise their worth in the present, to create a pathway to a more fulfilling life by using my proven Withself Mastery Program.


15% Off All Items

"You're Worthy of Wellness"

Embarking on a journey of self-reflection & discovery can feel deeply personal. If you find yourself with lingering questions or uncertainties about the event, do book a call & we'll discuss further to see if this is the right fit for you!

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