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Journalling Journey: Relationships

Help you to gain profound self-awareness that will establish you with powerful personal insights enhancing your emotional intelligence, guiding you toward healthier and more fulfilling partnerships..

Evaluate Your Relationships to discover how to anxiety & emotional awareness directly impacts your friendships, partnerships & wellbeing.

Personal growth and healing from past relationship traumas or wounds.

Community and support by connecting with others who are going through similar relationship-related challenges. This sense of community and support can be invaluable.

Boundary Setting in relationships. You'll explore and establish healthy boundaries in the ability to maintain balance and well-being in your relationships.

Black Therapists in Redhill
You will also....

Learn from a qualified psychotherapist & multiple business owner how to utilise your personal self awareness to enhance & develop your relationships 

Learn problem-solving and brainstorming solutions to develop better strategies for addressing concerns & difficulties within their relationships.

Share your experience with me...

Are you experiencing....

Struggles with expressing your needs or dealing with conflict in relationships.

A desire to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns or toxic dynamics.

Difficulty managing intense emotions within relationships, leading to destructive behaviours

A struggle in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with others.

If the answer is yes....

Then I would love for you to join me at

The Journal Journey Masterclass

& elevating your wellbeing & happiness within all of your relationships. 

Why is it FREE?

The Mental Health to Wealth Masterclass is free because we passionate about accessibility & inclusivity when providing these valuable insights in improved mental health. With complete transparency, whilst you will gain invaluable strategies & insights, you may recognise a need within your business for additional support, training & collaboration where we could work with you on a deeper level. 

With the passion we hold in our mission to promote mental health within the workplace, our encouragement for you to join us is one step further to empowering others to understand that less stress can lead to a wealth of success! 

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