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Empowerment starts

Withself therapy services
Black female therapist

“Owning up to your vulnerabilities is a form of strength. It’s not what I do for my clients, it’s about who I am to them whilst they journey through further understanding of themselves.”

Hailey Spring

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Therapy Services

Services available
What we offer:
+  Individual Therapy (50 minute sessions)
+  Couples Therapy
+  Journalling Journey courses

+  Low cost therapy

Our Spaces

What we offer:
+Room  hire for Talking therapy, Physiotherapists,
Masseurs, Reiki masters & other wellness


+  24 hour CCTV & Security System
+ Private building
Recpetion area of wellbeing centre
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We offer a comprehensive training opportunity for aspiring students. Providing hands-on exposure to diverse therapeutic techniques and real-world client interactions.
Services available
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Lets Talk...

Girl sitting with difficult feelings

“Be  brave  enough  to  heal  ourselves, even when  it  hurts”

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